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MBL 100

M.B.L. 100 is the most recent machine with integrated packaging system manufactured by F.A.M.S. It needs reduced room for forming American cases, it sets products in the required lay-out and then fills the cases. Also this model can stack the product or insert it turned by 90° or 180° with respect to the direction of operation. The machine can be carried out with either right or left work direction.

  Technical specifications:

Max. packing speed: 8/10 cases/min.
Operating voltage: 220/380 V + neutral
Max. power absorbed: 3,5 Kw
Max. air consumption: 20 NI/CYCLE
Operating pressure 6 ATM
Total weight: Kg. 1.500

Technical sheet

integrated packaging system








  Case size:

A (mm.): min. 200 max 600
B (mm.): min. 200 max 350
H (mm.): min. 200 max 450


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