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The machine PLT 900 is a 4-axes palletiser that takes full cases onto a pallet in the required configuration. It is suitable for palletising cases, bundles, boxes, tanks, drums, bags and so on. It is perfect for people having problems of space because it can be supplied either for working on the right or on the left side. It is controlled by a PLC, it can be self-programmed for carrying out positioning and stacking layers as required. This machine, with the necessary accessories, can automatically load empty pallets, eject the full ones or insert interlayers.


  Technical specifications:

Max. load size: 1950
Production speed: 8 cases/min
Operating voltage : 220/380 V + neutral
Max. power absorbed: 7-8 Kw
Max. air consumption: 20 Nl/CYCLE
Operating pressure: 6 ATM
Total weight: Kg. 2.000

Technical sheet

automatic palletiser




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