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CP 2000

The C.P. 2000 is the latest vertical case packing machine manufactured by F.A.M.S. suitable for compact size low-quantity production. Its electronic-mechanic operation allows perfoming 600 deposits per hour if haldling an optimum product. It can stack or insert products previously turned by 90° or 180° with respect to the direction of movement. This machine can be manufactured with right or left working direction. 


  Technical specifications:

Max. packing speed: 9 cases/min. 
Operating voltage: 220/380 V + neutral 
Max. power absorbed: 3 Kw 
Max. air consumption: 20 Nl/CYCLE 
Operating pressure 6 ATM   
Total weight: Kg. 1.500

Technical sheet

case packing machine



  Case size:

A (mm.): min. 200 max 600
B (mm.): min. 200 max 400
H (mm.): min. 200 max 450


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